FarMech Parking Brakes

    Reproduction of the very rare "FarMech Hand Brake and Lock". They were once manufactured by FarMech, a company in Iowa that has since gone out of business. Cam action locks each brake separately. Makes locking your brakes easy! (Shown unpainted, comes painted Ford Red.)

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    Installs easily with no modifications required to your tractor. Adjustable to fit brakes of all conditions. Kit includes everything necessary.
    Locking and unlocking the standard brakes on these older Ford tractors is cumbersome to say the least. This kit makes the job quick and simple. Just lift the levers up to lock each brake. Excellent when hooking up equipment or when getting off the tractor to open and close gates. An excellent accessory for all 9N's, 2N's, and 8N's! We sell the entire kit for $95.00.

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